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The Spanning Demo App is live! Check it out here:

We have also published the open-source demo code and related JavaScript utilities.

Information Circle

For more developer resources to start building your first Spanning Dapp, check out our developer guides.

Testnet Set Up

As the Spanning Network is in its final stages of testing and validation, it is open to developers to build on testnet chains. The Spanning Network testnet itself uses the testnets of all of our supported chains, but it will be the same network that mainnet support is added to in the future.

What is a chain's testnet?

Developers often want to test their algorithms and programs in an environment that has lower stakes. Chains create a "testnet" version of their mainnet that is similar to the mainnet, but with a distinct gas coin. Due to this separation, testnets are faster and free, but they often do not use classic consensus rules.

How to use a chain's testnet

The Spanning Network test subnet currently operates using the following 3 EVM testnets:

  • Rinkeby (Ethereum)
  • Mumbai (Polygon)
  • Avalanche Fuji (Avalanche)

Set up your wallet

Make sure you've installed Metamask within your browser and created a wallet

Configure your wallet

Visit Chainlist and click on the chain you want to use.

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Make sure you toggle the "Testnet" option.

Add all of the above testnets by searching and selecting Add To Metamask.

Get testnet coins

Each testnet has slightly different ways of getting testnet coins. Here, we detail how to get testnet coins for each chain.

  • Goerli (Ethereum)
  • Mumbai (Polygon)
    • Visit this faucet to get MATIC.
  • Avalanche Fuji (Avalanche)
    • Visit this faucet to get AVAX.

Spanning Labs continually tops-up gas from testnet faucets to make sure developers can experience uninterrupted service. If you'd like to help out your fellow developers (and perhaps be entered to win a prize), we accept donations of testnet gas at: