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The Spanning Demo App is live! Check it out here:

We have also published the open-source demo code and related JavaScript utilities.

Make Your Dapp Multichain

User Flow

Making your Dapp contracts capable of reaching users on other networks, executing contract logic on another chain, or just sending a crosschain message has never been easier! Get started by installing the @spanning/contracts NPM package:

npm install @spanning/contracts

The Spanning Labs team has worked hard to build out common API extensions that can be integrated into your project to be multichain in as little as a few keystrokes from a standard Dapp. Here are a few simple guides to the changes you must make to your smart contracts to build a Spanning app on EVM-specific blockchains:

Front-end web app utilities can also be found at @spanning/utils NPM package:

npm install @spanning/utils

If you are interested in learning more about multichain web app development, please check out our web app tutorial and associated open source project.