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The Spanning Demo App is live! Check it out here:

We have also published the open-source demo code and related JavaScript utilities.

Current Deployment

The Spanning Network is currently validated to receive requests, settle transactions, and write data to:

  • Goerli
  • Mumbai
  • Fuji

With beta support for:

  • Arbitrum Goerli (outbound requests only)
  • Binance Smart Chain Testnet (outbound requests only)

Delegate Contract Addresses


NetworkDomain IDSpanning Delegate AddressSpanning Address Library
Ethereum0x00000001Coming soon0x95e171b7ED0A147B51638d97aed92f15ffDE5f0D
Avalanche0x0000A86AComing soon0xF7139eA302b6735f57Ee9c563b547b295b25CedC
Arbitrum One0x0000A4B1Coming soon0x7Cdb610Ebd09B9f813EE2F5764d12898BC0286dC
Binance Smart Chain0x00000038Coming soon0xF7139eA302b6735f57Ee9c563b547b295b25CedC
Polygon0x00000089Coming soon0x1Cd3Ce05Ace44c3F4c560B0fcE0F39764030c299


NetworkDomain IDSpanning Delegate Address

Domain Server Contract Addresses

If you would like to deploy your Spanning Apps or tokens to Networks that aren't yet supported (like mainnets), you can! You will still need a valid Delegate interface address to pass to your smart contracts constructor. A valid Delegate that only provides Domain ID services and not crosschain message passing is available at:

NetworkDomain IDSpanning Domain Server Address
Arbitrum One0x0000A4B10x254c5372342fD4CDb88A5D8686AB4F538F516EdE
Binance Smart Chain0x000000380xCE82B090e3Dbe16d3FD867cacc18DfE5171981bc

Beta Testnet Support

The following test networks are currently undergoing further validation and may experience some outages as Spanning Labs adds more node providers to the protocol to add more redundancy, decentralization, and robustness.

NetworkDomain IDSpanning Delegate Address
Arbitrum Goerli (outbound requests only)0x00066EED0x2fC4e95D161D239073C2D2B7A6747b9d806c498D
BNB Testnet (outbound requests only)0x000000610x42692e5485062d2abE74E287d401604aE081668B

Network fees

The Spanning Network is currently free to use and all gas fees associated with settling transactions to destination testnet chains are covered by Spanning Labs.

Spanning Labs continually tops-up gas from testnet faucets to make sure developers can experience uninterrupted service. If you would like to help out your fellow developers, we accept donations of testnet gas at: