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The Spanning Demo App is live! Check it out here:

We have also published the open-source demo code and related JavaScript utilities.

Spanning Delegates

Spanning Delegate Graphic


Delegates are the endpoints of the Spanning Network. There exists at least one Spanning Delegate per supported domain on the Spanning Network.

Delegate App

To test out the Spanning Delegate contracts directly try playing with our Delegate App. You can find a more detailed guide here.


Spanning Delegates are responsible for:

  • Multichain event reporting to the user
  • Sending messages signed by the sender and Delegate to other chains. This includes constructing the sender’s Spanning Address
  • Receiving signed messages from delegates on other chains
  • Acting as a registered agent for a transaction request by serving verified transaction data to the destination application
  • Defining the domain identifier of the current network
  • Defining if the current chain is deployable (allows for state changes to be written) or read-only
  • Defining the current deployment version


More information about the Delegate API and how it's used is available here.